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  • Make the most of your summer!

    Take an online course from the same great Loras professors you have during the regular semester and grab some learning along with your sun and sand!

    Summer 2014 Online Courses:

    • ACC 227 - Managerial Accounting
    • ACC 228 - Financial Accounting
    • BUS 230 - Principles of Management
    • BUS 354 - Personal Financial Planning (two sections)
    • BUS 360 - Business as a Calling
    • CIT 110 - Computing and Info Tech Basics
    • COM 131 - Introduction to Mass Communication
    • CRJ 252 - Criminology
    • LIB 305 - Portfolio (both sections are online)
    • PSY 394 - Psychology Internship
    • PSY 539 - Psychology of Stress and Coping
    • PSY 655 - Theories of Crime
    • SOC 227 - Sociology of Family

     Other opportunities for summer study include, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Communication, English, History, Politics, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology and Sport Science.

    See your advisor for more information and sign up now!


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    If you experience an eLearn outage, call the IT Help Desk at (563) 588-4949.  If the Help Desk is not available, call Loras Information at (563) 588-7100 and they will contact the person on call for IT.

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    Instructions and a demonstration video are included below that will allow off-campus students to have their Loras e-mail forwarded to a different personal e-mail account.

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  • If Gallup took a poll to find the best-known star pattern in the night sky, the odds are the winner would be the Big Dipper.

    Perhaps surprisingly, though, the dipper isn’t a constellation. Instead, it’s an asterism — a star picture that may be a part of a constellation, or that may not be related to any constellation at all. The stars of the dipper, for example, are part of Ursa Major, the great bear — they represent the bear’s body and tail. But the bear incorporates many other stars besides the dipper — and a dipper has little to do with a bear.

    But in some cultures, there’s a link between bears and the seven stars of the Big Dipper.

    A Kiowa story, for example, says that eight children — seven sisters and a brother — were playing at the edge of the Black Hills one day. The boy was suddenly struck by powerful magic. He was transformed into a bear and began to chase his frightened sisters.

    A tree called to them, and when they climbed into its branches it grew to an enormous size. The angry bear scratched and clawed at the tree, gouging deep grooves in its bark. But the sisters were borne safely into the sky, where they became the stars of the Big Dipper.

    The petrified stump of that mighty tree is known as the Bear’s Lodge — the Kiowa name for a stump-like mountain in Wyoming that’s also known as Devil’s Tower. Each night, the sisters look down upon it — from the safety of that most popular of star pictures, the Big Dipper.


    Script by Damond Benningfield, Copyright 2014

    For more skywatching tips, astronomy news, and much more, read StarDate magazine.
    The one constant in the Universe: StarDate magazine

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