Goal of this class:
Science teaching is a complex activity and requires that teachers have both theoretical and practical knowledge. Effective science teachers have (1) a clear understanding of the nature of science, (2) adequate science content knowledge, (3) knowledge of how students learn, and (4) competence in implementing strategies that exemplify best practice in science teaching. It is my intent that you leave this course with a strong foundation in these four areas from which you can continue to grow and develop throughout your elementary science teaching career. In addition to addressing pedagogy, you will also learn science content that is linked to the activities we will do in class. Thinking about how to interest and engage students in science as well as making sure they learn content is an important aspect of this class. More specifically, InTASC Standard #4 (Content Knowledge) will be addressed within the content of this course. The science education community suggests the following teaching standards as important aspects of science teacher preparation.